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Full-service label and artist development. A solution to understaffed labels…or labels and artists simply wanting extra focus.
Chart Noise can provide a collective of sales, marketing, production, publicity, radio, advertising, internet, booking, licensing, and management and distribution specialists, ready to assist you.

  • Media Kit / Pitch Piece Development
  • Provide Structure to your business & marketing platforms
  • Management of operational issues and systems
  • Management of product and information flow from Artist to Label, from Label to Distribution company and through to the consumer
  • Shopping Label Deals            
  • Securing Distribution Deals with recognized national outlets
  • Development of marketing plans and strategies
  • Manufacturing recommendations
  • Team Building and Resource Opportunities
  • And much more….

Great Music NEEDS to be HEARD
If you make GREAT Music, then YOU Deserve the Chance to Be Heard!
If you treat the BUSINESS of Music with the same passion as you do with the creation of your music, then your CHANCE becomes a real OPPORTUNITY!


Artist Services

Put our years of operational expertise to work for you!
We’ll assist you in creating a business platform to support your vision, working through all the steps and details for you to be successful, including Deal Shopping, Marketing, Digital Marketing, Sales Tracking, Booking and more.
Deal Shopping Preparation
Advice & Consultation

  • Do you really need a Deal?
  • Are You Ready?
  • Is anyone out there?

Pitch Package & Media Kits

  • What is “Newsworthy?”
  • Catching their attention?
  • Setting yourself apart from the pack


  • Meetings
  • Showcases
  • Goals & Vision 

Marketing Plan Preparation
We can assist you in the development of concise and executable marketing plans

  • Project background & details
  • Retail
  • Radio
  • Digital placement
  • Street Team planning
  • Market Analysis.

Digital Preparation
We can assist you with the technical aspects of Digital Placement

  • ISRC Codes
  • “Whitesheet” information
  • Ringtone set-up

Soundscan Preparation

  • Product set-up at Nielsen Soundscan
  • Venue Sale Reporting
  • Weekly Soundscan updates and Analysis

Royalty Review

  • We can help you to understand statements.


Label Services

Strengthen your operations with the resources of Chart Noise.
We can assist the growth of your label by managing the operational details of Soundscan reporting, UPC and ISRC management, Co-op Advertising tracking, Sales tracking, and dozen of other operational challenges from Budget Projections to Artist/Management Liaison…Chart Noise can help you streamline your business operations.
Operational Procedures

  • Project Budgeting
  • Label Operational Budgeting
  • Cash Flow Projections
  • Create “Spending Guidelines” for internal departments

Co-op Advertising
Track all co-op spending

  • By project
  • By distribution channel
  • By account / vendor

Manufacturing Management

  • Pricing Review
  • IRMA forms            
  • Parts Tracking
  • Purchase Order tracking
  • Detailed Production timelines
  • Deliveries

Project Management

  • Detailed Project timelines
  • Detailed Release schedules
  • Project Checklists
  • Detailed Marketing Plans
  • Sell Sheet preparation

Soundscan Analysis            

  • Weekly reports
  • Weekly Analysis
  • Venue Sale Reporting

Distribution Liaison

  • Manage communication flow from Label to distributor
  • Maintain regular and unique updates for individual Label Priorities
  • Analyze Distribution reports
  • Focus Distribution partners
  • Enhance distribution channels


Distribution Company Services

With years of Retail and Distribution background, Chart Noise has a unique perspective that many distribution companies can benefit from.

New Label Research & Development

  • Provide detailed background and reporting on prospective new labels seeking Distribution
  • Provide new labels with “Distribution 101” training tailored to fit YOUR Distribution company policies & procedures

Label, Artist / Management Liaison - Coordinator

  • Direct Label questions to correct Distribution personnel
  • Address common questions directly, such as:
    • What is an ISRC code and how do I get one?
    • What’s a venue sale affidavit?
    • What’s a chargeback and how do I get one? (Seriously, I have been asked that)
    • Where’s my marketing plan?
  • Funnel through the myriad of Label, Artist and Management questions, comments and feedback and assist the distribution company to lessen phone time with unfocused questions and increase time with accounts and field sales staff



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